About Me

Hi! My name is J.P. Tecson and I have the writer’s bug. Which explains why I couldn’t put away my dream of becoming a writer at all! At this moment, I’m still on my way to realizing that dream.

I love reading literature (which would be a bit odd if it weren’t!) and my favorite work of fiction to date is, “The Power and the Glory” by Graham Greene, a real inspiration for me when it comes to description, characterization and dialogue. Every now and then, when I’m having difficulty to move forward with my own writing, I browse through the book to look for a nugget to reinvigorate my creativity…..
After a period of ignoring Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird”, I finally convinced myself to take it from the shelf of our local library and read it. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was holding no less than a precious gem in my hands; the novel is simply an irressistibly humorous, poignant, touching piece of literature! It’s easily one of the best novels I’ve read. But I’m not just into modern classics, I dabble contemporary literature, too, which our local library is teeming with, thankfully! 🙂

I love watching films, a hobby which fiction gurus say is important for a would-be writer in terms of scene visualization and logical sequence in developing plot. So when I’m inside a movie theater, I’m not so much thinking if my popcorn is too bland or salty as letting my mind spins by observing, analyzing, studying what is good and what’s not in every given scene! My personal favorites are Schindler’s List, Slumdog Millionaire, The White Ribbon, Revolutionary Road, The Pianist, Good Will Hunting, Raiders of the Lost Ark, among others…

Then, there’s photography. Beside books, the camera has been my companion all through life. I just have that itch to capture imagery of God’s awesome creation – from a mountain peak to cows to a fallen leaf on the pathway to a human face. My camera hasn’t always been the best (never has been, in fact) or the latest in the market, yet, good enough to fulfill my visual wishes for a certain shot. With the digital technology, it’s the best time to be a photographer!

Lastly, I love winter, the crisp crunching snow, the quiet frost-bitten landscape completely draped in pure white. There I feel I can pick up a thousand and one stories… 🙂


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