New Year, New Discouragements

Yup, it sounds quite pessimistic, I know, but it’s true…

The past week I was reading a book titled, “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published” by Eckstut and Sterry and as I read page after page I noticed myself getting more and more swamped with waves of discouragement. The book was quite an engaging read, informative, funny, witty, and yet, after a short while of perusing through its pages a would-be author like me readily gets the message: it’s mega hard, virtually impossible, for a first-time author to crack the shell of publishing and get his or her book published. Ouch!!! I landed to the bottom of a pit where all my efforts on the novel I’m writing seemed to have become part of the darkness surrounding me down there…On the other hand I know that I’ve got to climb up to surface. But how?


About jptecson

An aspiring writer of fiction, currently working, or should I say, attempting to write his very first novel...
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