Why I’m Taking This Travel

Ever since I read my first Enid Blyton book at the age of eleven, I’ve been consistently trying my hand on fiction writing, dreaming to become a full-fledged writer one day. But for some reasons it never occured to me to take up Creative Writing or some related course in college. Instead, aspiring to become another Frank Lloyd Wright (haha), I took up a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. But as soon as I finished my studies, I realized it wasn’t really the path I’d like to follow up to the end. Interestingly, during this period, I produced a short story and tried submitting it for publication to a literary-minded national magazine. It was my first ever attempt at publication and, miracle of all miracles, I got the nod of the chief editor! An every budding author’s dream! But that small success had never been duplicated since…

Fast forward to 17 years later, I suddenly found myself having that itch again to write. So I decided to take down the story that had been brewing in my mind for months – a short story. Or so I thought. But slowly I realized the plot was evolving itself, taking a life of its own, expanding, deepening, taking new twists and turns, employing more and more characters along the way, until I recognized I’ve got the stirrings of a novel in my hands…What to do in such a situation? Pursue it, of course – which I did!

So now I’ve finished the first draft with about 36 chapters and currently laboring through the self-editing process which I discovered is just, if not, more challenging than writing the first draft itself. My biggest hope of course is that I would duplicate that miracle I had with my short story way back many years with this current work. That would be a glorious day, indeed!

But I’ve read and been informed that a newbie like me has almost zero chance at publication in the traditional publishing world. So my hopes might just be a little too unrealistic. Still, I’ve decided there’s no turning back now, stick to my goal I must, through highs and lows. Of course, there’s always the option of self-publishing, the downside of which is that you as the author have to do the business and marketing side of it yourself. Or sell it as an e-book. With the ever-growing popularity of Kindle and other e-Readers, it’s not really a bad option, they say. Still, every author out there would tell you getting the nod of a mainstream publishing house is the cream one has to go for. But the cream is perched way at the top it is virtually unreachable. Now, I’m curious in what form or direction my novel will have to take when it is finished. Perhaps, I shouldn’t worry myself about it now. In the meantime, I’ll just have to keep on dreaming and keep on pounding my keyboard as I continue my work – squeezing words out of my head and weaving sentences out of them in the air…Wish me the best!!!


About jptecson

An aspiring writer of fiction, currently working, or should I say, attempting to write his very first novel...
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